Credit Card Debt – On The Rise

Credit card debt can be the source of needless stress in our lives, and has the potential to have a negative impact on your life. Credit card debt is not just a problem in the U.S. it is also increasing in industrialized countries as well. Credit card debt is also a major issue in a large number of consumer bankruptcies. Credit card debt will make it more difficult to live the life that you deserve.


College students are among the most vulnerable to credit card debt. Credit card debt is growing faster among students than in any other part of society. Students are often offered incentives to apply for credit cards, and some requirements are often waived. With the ability to buy something now and pay for it later can be hard to resist for students, and most are already struggling financially. The Public Interest Research Group’s – “PIRG” Student Credit Card Trap study in 1998 found that most students who received credit a credit card from campus tables had higher unpaid balances than other students who received the credit cards elsewhere and were more likely to roll over their balance from month to month.


Credit card companies have started to take an interest in educating credit card users because knowledgeable consumers are much less likely to be overwhelmed by debt, leaving them in a much better position to make their payments on-time and avoid getting bad credit and even bankruptcy. If your already overwhelmed by credit card debt, consider a debt consolidation loan, so instead of having a lot of high interest credit card bills due, you now will have one bill that is due once a month usually at a lower rate. Consolidating credit card debt can be as simple as contacting one of the many credit counseling agencies on the web. According to the Consumer Action, (a public interest organization) who does a survey once a year of over one hundred credit card companies, card holders can be hit with late fees of up to $39 and raised interest rates.

The increase in credit card debt is rising at an alarming rate. Some popular economists are predicting that the rise in credit debt is likely to continue. Many people do not realize how debilitating credit card debt can be to their lives.

Ignite Your Massage Therapy Business!

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Introduction to Franchising The Growing Demand of Organic Food Franchise

Introduction to Franchising The Growing Demand of Organic Food Franchise

Green is the new trend in the realm of food business, with millions lining up for a wholesome smoothie or fresh salad each day. Data from the United States-based Organic Trade Association show a massive growth throughout the decade in spite of slowing down in 2010 and 2011. Around the globe, individuals are shifting to wholesome but cheap food alternatives to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. This means great news for the organic food business.

Fruit smoothies, yogurts and other foods taste better if they are straight from nature itself. Organic foods only go via simple kitchen procedures to produce a salad you eat or the smoothie you drink. With such demands at its peak, an organic food franchise might be a good concept to make it big into the business. Look at it this way: you get to promote good well being and earn money at the same time.

Organic foods are what people need now with obesity affecting one out of three Americans. A fruit smoothie coupled with physical activity can be a great way to start the journey to a healthy life style. In this case, people need ubiquitous organic food stands, selling cheap all-natural food and drinks. You begin the organic trend and soon everybody will follow.

Soon, numerous people are more likely to go out than eat at house based on a study conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. An organic food franchise business provides a healthier alternative to fast food, promoting great well being without sacrificing peoples love for eating out. Healthy food trend continues to increase in demand worldwide without a sign of defeat. This goes to show that people today are taking their health more seriously.

You can to start your own yogurt business or any other wholesome food franchise for as low as under $10,000, a reasonable capital to say the least. The money you spend on obtaining a franchise can be recovered quickly with peak demand and sales for organic food. Although it pays to have some skill in entrepreneurship, any individual willing to earn additional is welcome to run this food franchise.

Organic food businesses may arguably be one of the best franchise businesses in the world today. With contemporary lifestyle gradually moving to healthier alternatives, the future looks bright for the organic food industry. Regardless of being expensive, this is what the market dictates today; a few dollars extra will be worth the benefit.